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2018 Clinical Data Landscape Survey

Following the success of the 2016 Novartis-sponsored SCE industry survey, there has been a desire from the original top-20 contributors to increase the breadth of insights researched, whilst including a larger cohort of participation. 

In order to achieve this James McDermott (our Chairman) has created a new on-line survey, under the Achieve Intelligence brand. This new 2018 survey will cover aspects of the whole clinical data value chain (from capture to submission) and will include more participants from a wider range of BioPharma companies.


From March 1st to September 30th 2018 we invite you to share your candid feedback on 7 areas of the clinical data value chain at your organisation. The survey will keep the identities of all participants undisclosed, effectively allowing them to contribute anonymously. 

The aggregated analysis will be presented back to each participant, highlighting the industry position on items such as; no. of users performing each activity, range of software being used in each area, and the state of transformation projects across the sector. 

Following the on-line survey, interested parties will be invited to an interview to gain a deeper insight into the state of their, and the industry’s, clinical data landscape. 

If you are interested in participating in the initial online survey then please register below.

If you would like to recommend or delegate this survey to a colleague

(either internal or external to your organisation) then copy the link below.

Copy this link and forward it to a colleague.

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